Accessories & details for the kitchen

Organisational must-haves & finishing touches for high-end kitchen design

Premium contemporary detailing and exquisite finishes to set your kitchen apart.

Our designers will help you pick the unexpected but well-considered and creative finishing touches to elevate the look and practicality of your space.

Larder & Pantry Cupboards

The ultimate organisation piece every modern kitchen needs

The larder or pantry cupboard is an essential addition for de-cluttering luxury designer kitchens. Aside from the practicalities of having one, they add a beautiful design feature to your kitchen. And by reducing the number of units needed in your room, which frees up walls and opens up more space, they promote a clean, sophisticated and modern style.

The cupboards can blend in with your other cabinets from the outside, but when you open them, they will reveal a cornucopia of elegant and impressive storage features. We have a solution for every kitchen, from entirely shelved cupboards to full height units. So you can store your spices, baking essentials, pots, pans, appliances, and much more neatly in one easy-to-reach spot.

Drawers & Organisational Dividers

Design for lovers of neatness and perfection

A luxury kitchen has elegance and premium quality inside and out.
Therefore, we dedicate the same amount of time and effort to designing your kitchen internals as we do the external units and surfaces.

You can configure your drawers and cupboard pull-out systems in any way to suit your requirements, and our kitchen designers will help you maximise space and create a solution for storing just about anything. Patented fittings ensure the drawer fronts fit optimally to the precision-made aluminium or wooden internals. And the customisable matching inserts and dividers will keep everything just so.

Handle Options

Exemplary ergonomics and finishing touches

A high-end modern kitchen benefits from a beautiful blend of form and function. Our extensive choice of contemporary handle designs offers luxuriously smooth, ergonomically designed curves and sleek, minimal lines that showcase an exceptional level of craftsmanship and detail.

Your choice of kitchen handles is one of the most important aesthetic and practical considerations for your space. Our expert designers know this and will discuss handle options in the early stages of the design process — the perfect handles are a finishing touch but never an afterthought.


Create stylish accents and set the mood

An ingenious way to elevate the look of your kitchen and optimise its functionality is to incorporate the right mix of light — ambient, task and accent lighting.

We offer every option to illuminate work surfaces and cabinetry so you can easily prepare meals and read recipes when practicality is a priority. And we have lights that are perfect for creating specific moods and atmospheres when entertaining and a stylish ambience is required.

A masterpiece of design that is precise, reliable, and longlasting.

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Our experts are with you from design consultation through to project completion so that you can transform your kitchen with confidence.