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Porcelain Marble

Porcelain Marble Bathroom Tiles- Ambra Bianca

Marble is synonymous with homes of elegance and luxury. However, installing natural marble slabs across large surface areas is often too costly, leading to the installation of less glamourous choices. But with today’s cutting-edge production technology, porcelain marble effect tiles offer an inexpensive and realistic-looking alternative.

Our collection of porcelain marbles accurately replicates the beautiful, multifaceted character, colours, and veining of the most sought-after natural marbles. Each range displays stunning lifelike aesthetics and captures the everlasting style of the real thing, offering an affordable and practical surface for high-end lifestyle settings.

Porcelain Concrete

Concrete effect porcelain tiles provide a modern industrial aesthetic with subtly detailed surfaces that convey an appealing architectural quality. Available in various neutral and grey tones, matt, glossy and textured finishes, concrete designs lend themselves to minimal interior schemes.

They are an excellent option for getting the look without the cost and challenge of having real concrete poured into your home.

Porcelain Stone

Choosing from the most esteemed and stylish natural stones that are guaranteed to set your home apart is now easier than ever, thanks to the phenomenal innovations in porcelain tile production.

Our comprehensive collection of cost-effective porcelain stone tiles faithfully emulates famous limestones, Cumbrian stones, sandstones, granites, slates, basalts and travertines. Each range is carefully selected for its authenticity and guaranteed performance and durability. Available finishes range from super-smooth natural to textured with anti-slip properties for use in wet areas.

Porcelain Stone Tiles in a stylish modern bathroom - Grand Cave Graphite

Porcelain Terrazzo

A contemporary reinterpretation of traditional Venetian terrazzo, Porcelain Terrazzo tiles infuse interiors with a distinctive, statement style. A more resilient material than traditional cement-based terrazzo, porcelain lasts longer and offers a broader surface finish selection.

Characterised by beautifully intricate and irregular flecked patterning, each range in the collection adds a luxury artisanal feel to walls and floors.

Porcelain Design

For creating spaces with maximum visual impact and interior designer flair, our selection of Porcelain Design tiles gives you the latest trendsetting shapes, patterns, textures and colours. These designer ranges allow you to expand your style boundaries and communicate your unique approach to interior design.

Porcelain Metal

These metallic-like surfaces have a bold and expressive urban and industrial style, underpinned with a sense of sophistication and modernity. Porcelain Metal designs create beautifully atmospheric and stylish walls and floors with trendy colours and gorgeous shade and tonal variations across each tile.

Porcelain Metal effect tiles in a stylish, industrial looking bathroom - Patina Plate
Porcelain Metal effect tiles in a stylish, industrial looking bathroom - Patina Plate

Porcelain Wood

Porcelain Wood tiles in a modern open-plan bathroom & bedroom - Wood Cut Natural

Suppose you want a beautiful natural looking floor but need an affordable alternative to genuine wood and a more reliable material than laminate or vinyl. Porcelain wood-effect tiles are your answer.

Porcelain Wood designs replicate the textures and organic colours of timber with the same rich contrasts and distinctive features so accurately that it is hard to distinguish the tile from its natural counterpart. Porcelain is a high-performance, durable surface design material that is non-porous and stain-resistant. An easier to maintain alternative to natural wood, laminate or vinyl flooring, and perfect for luxury kitchens and bathrooms.

Extra-Large Formats

Sizes up to 2.4 x 1.2m, only 6mm thick

A recent game-changing innovation in tile production, Lightweight Porcelain Slabs deliver prominent aesthetic appeal and grandeur with extra-large sizes, only 6mm thick. We offer sizes up to 2.4 x 1.2 metres. Every tile is solid, scratch-resistant and light — they are easier to transport, cut and install than regular thicknesses.

Large-Format Porcelain wall & floor tIles in a contemporary bathroom - Specchio Carrara
Large-Format Porcelain wall & floor tIles in a contemporary kitchen - Epoxy Grey

Extra-large formats lend themselves to today’s modern open living spaces, helping to make rooms light, airy and expansive by reducing the number of tiles and grout joints needed. As a result, they make for a more seamless and premium look.

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