Modern Kitchens by Warendorf

Contemporary designer kitchens with precise German engineering

Made to order modern kitchens underpinned by manufacturing values of reliability, quality and longevity.

Award-winning designs, ingenious folding carcase construction, and hand-finished surfaces – a Warendorf kitchen is unbeatable both inside and out.

Warendorf kitchens – a perfect combination of traditional craftsmanship and technical precision

To create a superior quality kitchen exclusively for you that reflects your lifestyle and exceeds your needs, Warendorf design and construct every kitchen to order at their production site in Germany. Uniquely, each kitchen combines state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and handcraftsmanship, resulting in a masterpiece of design that is precise, reliable, and longlasting.

The critical innovation in production is the patented folding carcase – a versatile, sophisticated and tailored construction solution which makes superior kitchen units. The hand-finished lacquer and veneer surfaces represent expertise in – and love of – fine detail and perfect surfaces. This marriage of engineering and artisanal finish is what makes a Warendorf kitchen a one of a kind.

Made to measure – a perfect fit for your space

Choosing a Warendorf kitchen means you do not have to think in standard dimensions. Your kitchen is made to measure with individually defined unit measurements in all sizes.

Thanks to the unique folding carcase technology, Warendorf manufacture your bespoke kitchen units so that the entire kitchen fits perfectly in your space and to your precise requirements.

Even shelving, niche solutions, handles, and storage inserts can all be chosen by you and then manufactured and assembled for you in Germany. This service has been the Warendorf way since 1973.

The Folding Carcase


Making your kitchen extremely robust

Warendorf revolutionised kitchen furniture manufacture with the unique folding production process. A single length of board, cut to size with V-shaped notches cut at the points that later become the corners, forms the basis. Additional stability comes from an 8mm rear panel that is inserted at right angles and bonded with the unit carcase.

The unit is folded together by hand to create a carcase that is encased on all sides. The resulting unit is both incomparably strong and uniquely versatile; allowing the fitting of ultra-thin worktops or a floating wall-mounted solution.

What is more, it comes with a 30-year guarantee.


Units to suit your space & requirements

The unique folding technology makes it possible to manufacture the carcase in virtually any size or dimension, regardless which depth, height or width is required. Allowing you to breathe life into the most individual of dream kitchens, and be able to dispense with unit fillers and spacers. It’s a kitchen that’s tailormade for you.

The benefits of choosing Warendorf

Folding Carcase

Warendorf are the only manufacturer to offer the high-quality, patented folding carcase – which they guarantee with a 30-year warranty.

Minimal Gaps

Accuracte to a tenth of a millimetre, the gap between the unit fronts, even on larger units and across corners and edges, is always 4mm.

Laquer Variety & Quality

A vast choice with more than two thousand colours in the RAL and NCS colour series. Applied and polished for you entirely by hand.

Premium Surfaces

The highest standards of quality even for surface finishes such as wood, concrete, glass, aluminium and stainless steel.

Continuous Veneers

For real wood and laminate, surface grain patterns look seamless across units. Available for both horizontal and vertical orientations.

Kitchen drawer & pullout with beautiful wooden drawer liner for organising cutlery

The Accessories

The icing on the cake: ingenious unit interiors, organisational insert systems, worktops, lighting systems and much more.

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