Alno kitchens

Award-winning German design & reliability, made for life

Contemporary kitchens for lovers of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, made the German way.

Unique and practical innovations paired with precise design that’s centred on you and the demands of your home.

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AlnoStar Cera
A harmonious combination of modern style, high-performance materials, textures and ergonomics.
AlnoStar Dur
Clean, consistent and minimal lines, and an interplay between matt and glossy surfaces.
Dark, finely textured ceramic surfaces and warming gold accents.
AlnoStar Sign
Pure minimal elegance. Multi-lacquered glossy finishes, produced with meticulous attention to detail.
A calm and relaxing natural aesthetic with fresh, brightening colour accents.
Sophisticated modern style. High-gloss lacquer laminate, brass and metallic-effect surfaces.

Alno – renowned for innovation, durability and as a trustworthy German brand

Why settle for any old kitchen? If you are looking for the very latest in beautiful award-winning design and innovation, a contemporary Alno kitchen is the ideal kitchen for you.

Produced entirely in Germany, your Alno kitchen will exhibit perfect design and craftsmanship, the highest quality standards, attention to detail and an abundance of smart ideas and gadgets.

Alno have been making kitchens this way for over 90 years. To remain a respected and prestigious brand for so long, Alno regularly works with leading interior designers and other industry professionals to stay abreast of the latest trends and innovations, ensuring you get a kitchen precisely as you want.

Kitchens that are made to be the heart of your home

Alno understands that your kitchen is so much more than a place to cook. It can be where you socialise, somewhere to eat, a quiet space to work or a lively place to play. It must be made for life.

Underpinning every Alno design is the belief that life is lived in the kitchen; it is the heart and soul of your home. This belief lead to the creation of Alno’s modular unit, plinth and worktop system – a gridded method that is adaptable to fit the dimensions of your room and the height of the individual. Your ability to create plenty of space for functional requirements and individual wishes, while still forming a harmonious overall appearance, is made easy.

Pair Alno’s style and production expertise with the knowledge and knack of our Brooklands Interiors kitchen designers at spatial planning and defining your specific requirements, and you will create the kitchen you have always dreamed of.

Alno kitchens - made for life

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6 hallmarks of an Alno kitchen

Distinctive Fronts

Alno’s stylish doors come in all kinds of distinguishing surfaces. They don’t just look the part; these high-quality materials do not lose their beauty over time.

Soft-Close Hinges

Hinges in every single door come with an integrated soft-close system – however large or heavy the door – so they shut quietly.

High-Quality Handles

Whether large or small, sophisticated or rustic, glossy or matt, form and functionality go hand in hand with Alno handles.

Ingenious Inserts

Unique and functional solid wood or laminate drawer inserts made to order with the exact width, depth and height for your requirements.

Wonderful Worktops

Luxurious solid materials and refined surface details make an Alno worktop eye-catching and able to withstand everyday use.

Optimum Lighting

Practical and elegant, built-in illuminated shelves for wall units are designed to shed optimum lighting wherever they are fitted.

Your choice of surface

Six surface finishes available: melamine, laminate, lacquer, genuine wood, glass, and ceramic.

All stunning to look at and to touch, and engineered to stand up to daily use – regardless of how much strain you put on them. Every surface passes the abrasion test and proves their resistance to chemicals.

Alno surfaces are beautiful, robust, and easy to maintain.

Explore stunning Alno kitchens at our showroom